Then and Now

Then and Now

My Running Life

I started running over seven years ago when I decided to sign up for a half marathon.Then I tried my first full marathon, the Women’s Nike, in 2006. Since then, I have experienced weight gain (and loss), winter storms, dog bites, and, my favorite rattlesnake fangs. Running has been a crazy road, but one I would gladly run down again because running has given me great friends and wonderful memories. And now, I cannot imagine my life without running.

My first half marathon took me two hours and thirty minutes. My most recent took me one hour and thirty-six minutes. To date, I have completed nine marathons, countless half marathons, and am just beginning to enjoy the wonderful 5K.

My hubby and I are on a journey to run a half marathon in every state. At the start of 2014, we have posted finishing times in six states (California, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah), for a total of 78.6 miles and many excellent adventures. We look forward to taking you with us as we run the final 576.4 miles on our next 44 adventures.


About Runner Girl

Many people have asked me why I put in over two hours a day keeping up my Runner Girl page. They want to know why I started it and what keeps me at it. There are three main reasons:

1. Exercise and eating right have made my a huge positive change in my life and I want to help others experience the same change in theirs.

2. I believe in the philosophy of paying it forward. This is how I pay it forward for all of the people in my life who have helped motivate me toward my goals.

3. Finally, I found that you, my followers, have created a community where motivation,support, and accountability can be found. Whenever I am a bit sluggish, I turn to your posts and comments and replies to get going. For your words, thank you.